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Kaitlin Hopkins

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The Foundation of Fontus™

Our Community

San Marcos, Texas is a thriving college town south of Austin that is constantly growing—just like Fontus™! We work hard, love our friends and help our neighbors. We strive to be of service in everything we do—in our local community as well as the global community at large.

Our Commitment

Here at Fontus™, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and service. Each bag of Fontus™ Lozenges is made with a commitment to excellence, always with our customers’ needs first and foremost. If our customers are smiling, we’re smiling.

Our Company

Our company is built on a foundation collaboration. From the development of our very first lozenge to the products we offer today, we have relied on feedback from our friends, family, and ultimately our customers to guide us in the direction that meets their needs.

Our Customers

We hold ourselves accountable to our customers and we deliver on our promises. We’re proud of who we are today, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the new flavors and product lines we’ll be offering soon!

Manuka Honey

Orchid Extract

Aloe Vera

American Ginseng Extract

Apple Extract

Essential Oils


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